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Our Story

"The Rebirth Of Stylez"

      My name is Karian.  I am the founder of Khepri Stylez LLC. Khepri Stylez LLC is an accessory and clothing brand that was established in 2019. As the owner, my goal is to provide products that are influenced by culture for adults and our youth. Many of the products are handmade from different parts of the world; mainly from Africa and influenced with a historical inspiration message for all. These products are not only about fashion, but also about culture.

       As many may know, culture is a way of life. Culture is expressed in  many ways, even through the items and material that we wear and the way we choose to wear them. Culture is influenced at a very young age by our elders. The future of our youth is also our own and it should always be cherished and protected. I am excited to see the continued evolution of what's to come. 

       When creating this business, I hoped to inspire, but my supporters have been my biggest inspiration. I hope my company and its products speak for itself and continue to spread inspiration and love.

               - Karian G., Founder & CEO

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